This is an ongoing series of articles and essays with subjects including art, performance and culture.

Looking At The Watchers

In exploring the grotesque I am encountering new epiphanies in photographs found online or in obsolete books. The selective eye screens thousands, hundreds of thousands of images before, like a fly it settles on something choice to feed upon and …

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Sleight of Hand

Whilst visiting Rome I stumbled across a curious painting by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch called ‘The Conjourer’ (c.1475-80) in an extraordinary exhibition, tucked away in a 16th century palazzo just a few streets from the Pantheon. There are at …

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Some vignettes on shadows and best kept secrets

As with early hand tinted cinema films, certain sections of a performance may appear in ethereal colours, augmented by ultra violet light, or accentuated by mutlicoloured shadow play. The initial effect is as fleeting and arbitrary as it is accidental; …

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Towards a new barbarism of expression – Essay March 2014

Notes from the Zone: Towards a new barbarism of expression. Some notes about prehistoric art objects, images and notions about shamanism/performance art.

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Bury Me The Mask – Essay 2013

Shaun Caton with inserts by Andrew Cochrane. Shaun Caton: I have been making performances since my childhood, when I created a secret world, with impossibly obsessive rules. A world of bizarre croaking languages, confined spaces full of weeds, broken glass …

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Texts on Drawing

Drawing is commenced by the movement of the wrist and hand, somehow an image is born from the chaos of mark making with ink. I often superimpose and blot out an image with white paint, only to reform and regenerate it …

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