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Elegy for a Fish God

Monotype, 2018. Exhibiting with Pierre Spake at the British Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery, 20-23 September 2018.

New Collage and Gouache Works July-August 2017

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For Old Times’ Sake

Three hour performance at the Cill Rialaig Arts Centre, County Kerry, Ireland, July 30th 2017. Photographs by Alan Landers.

magic edge

Birthday poem for Caroline Wiseman, 2017.

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In my lifelong hunt for the grottesco – I have travelled far and wide, both physically as a sort of acquisitive eyeball, or as a metaphysical tourist, and mentally, in my daydreams and reveries.

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rainschemes for insomniacs: a kitchen stink drama

Shaun Caton and performers in part 3 of his epic performance, “rainschemes for insomniacs: A kitchen stink drama”, produced by the Pacitti Company for SPILL Festival of Performance 2016. Taxidermy specimens kindly displayed by the Ipswich Natural History Museum collection. Photographs copyright 2016 by Julius G. Beltrame.

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Recent gouaches, watercolours and crayon drawings on paper.

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Collages made from scraps of coloured paper mounted on card. All March 2017. Photographs copyright 2017 by Julius G. Beltrame.

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Three performances by Paul Hurley and Shaun Caton at ARNOLFINI, Bristol, 15th to 17th March 2017. Photographs copyright 2017 by Julius G. Beltrame.

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CULT HOUSE 3 Performance

Artist in residence at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout from 21st March 2016 until 3rd April 2016. Durational performances on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2016. Event also on 2nd April 2016. Generously supported by Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary. Photographs copyright 2016 Julius G. Beltrame.

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